Creating and Editing a Catalog

**You must be on the Master computer to create a catalog**
  1. Click on the catalog section of FLOW
  2. Click the Green Plus in the Studio Catalog Editor
  3. Enter the Name of your New Catalog and select Save
  4. Click Add/Edit Packages, you will be taken to a new page to start building your package list
  5. Click the Green Plus
  6. Type in the Description of your package (e.g. Package A), a key map (e.g. A, do not use spaces) and a price for this package and click save changes
Packages are added to the catalog in order and are not automatically sorted alphabetically
  1. Now you can start adding items to your package
  2. On the right side click the Green Plus on items that should be in your newly created package and they will start to populate the package.
*You can adjust quantities of items within a package by clicking the plus mark next to the products*
  1. You can add A La Carte items (i.e. individual items) to your catalog by clicking on the White A La Carte icon
  2. You can remove package groups from your catalog by selecting the package from the dropdown then clicking the red X followed by the confirm button to delete
  3. Or you can remove items from the Catalog Package List by clicking on the red X
*This might not show immediately. To refresh, click on a different catalog or tab and then back on the catalog section to show as deleted*