Border Workshop Part 1 - Creating a Print with Text Overlay

Let's start by building a very simple template - an 8x10 print with a text overlay. If you prefer a video tutorial, skim all the way to the bottom of the page.
  1. Start in the Setup tab.

  2. Click on Templates > Borders and create a New Group.

  3. Name the Group.Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_1.png

  4. Now select the new border group and click the New button on the right. Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_2.png

  5. Now you'll be taken into the Border Workshop. The first screen you'll see is the basic Border Properties box. I've named my border "8x10 with Text" and highlighted the other fields that you'll typically use when creating a border. Borders default to 8x10 size so I didn't need to change anything. Click OK.Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_3.png

  6. Now that we're ready to build our border, click Add Photo. There's no need to adjust any of the settings in the box that appears - just click OK. Now you'll see a big gray box with a "1" in it filling the whole canvas. Adding a new photo, or a new photo node, fills the whole canvas by default which is exactly what we want.Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_4.png

  7. Now it's time to add our text. Click Add Text on the left. Here you can experiment with font, color and size. When you've chosen some options click OK. The text will appear on your canvas and you can click and drag to reposition it. In the example below, I'm setting up a template for an event that has data associated with it and I want to customize this product with some personal data. I set up a text query - %Photo.First Name% will tell the software that I want it to use the data from the First Name field for that subject. Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_5.png

  8. The tools on the right side can help you with text placement. "Center" is particularly helpful. You'll also notice that your border elements are stacking up on the right side like Photoshop layers. The check box means that element is selected. The element at the top of the list is on the bottom of the template, and the element at the bottom of the list is the top layer. You can click and drag to reorder them. Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_6.png

  9. Now click Save Changes and switch to the Workshop tab.

  10. Right above the word Borders on the right click Choose. Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_7.png

  11. Select the border you just made, using the Options button to change border groups if necessary. Click OK. Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_8.png

  12. Now you should see your border applied to the product. Mine is pulling Adrianna's first name onto the first line because of the text query I set up on the border. You can use the other tools in the Workshop to adjust the image as desired before creating an order. Using Show/Hide Data and Show/Hide Order will switch whether you see your subject data or your packages and order details.Borders P1_Creating a Print with Text Overlay_9.png