How Does CaptureLife Billing Work?

Capturelife pricing

  • Pricing is based on how many images are delivered to a single recipient

  • Pricing April 1 - July 31, 2020:

    • FREE CaptureLife deliveries through Richmond Pro Lab

  • Pricing beginning August 1, 2020:

    • $1 for delivery of 1-100 images to a single recipient

    • $5 for delivery of 101-500 images to a single recipient

    • $10 for delivery of 501-1000 images to a single recipient

  • Billing for credits is not done through the ordering software, but is billed to the studio's lab account with Richmond Pro Lab at the end of each month.

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Monthly billing of capturelife usage

  • a monthly listing of delivery instances is sent to accounting at the beginning of each month for the previous month's usage

    • image.png

  • In the example above, Memory Makers would be charged $2 for the month, since they have 2 instances of 1-100 images to a single recipient - where RPL charges $1 per instance of that tier. Marty's studio would be charged $15 for 5 instances of 1-100 @ $1/ea and 1 instance of 501-1000 @$10/ea

  • Billing was previously done inside Pineapple payments, but starting in August of 2020, billing will be done in Labnet using an Internal Job. Creating an Internal Job

    • image.png