How to Use the Looks Feature in FLOW

Looks create a flattened image of the subject image and a layout, and add that flattened image as an additional pose on the subject. For example, if you'd like to add ID cards to the subject record as flattened images. If you're uploading images to IQ or PLIC, you could use the Looks feature to offer a memory mate (or other templated product) as a pose. It's may be easier to make a Look and upload the templated image as a regular pose than to work with the online platform to set up templates.
Note however, that images with flattened templates cannot be color corrected by the lab (because any color correction would also affect the graphic template). To have your images corrected by the lab, submit your files for color correction via the Digital Services feature BEFORE creating Looks, building orders and/or uploading to galleries.
  1. Click on the Edit section

  2. Select Create Looks

  3. Select the Layouts you would like to render as new poses per subject and add them to the selected layouts section

    1. e.g. you could create an 8x10 layout with a special background that uses the Primary image and render the graphic as new poses

  4. Select the subjects to render the graphics for

  5. Click Create Looks and FLOW will render the layouts and add them as new subject poses to the selected subjects