Exporting PSPA and Admin CDs in Darkroom Assembly

  1. Click on Photo Assistant on the bottom of the screen and select and open the appropriate project
  2. Click Create photo CDs on the right-hand column image.png
  3. Click Browse and navigate to a location where the Photo CD will be exported
    • Can burn direct to a CD, but suggest to select Desktop and create a new folder so the export can be easily located
  4. Select the appropriate CD Format from the dropdown list and fill out the contact information image.png
  5. Click create photo CD to move to the next section
  6. Choose if Seniors are a part of the job and click next image.png
  7. Select the appropriate image size option
    • Note: For PSPA, default (smaller) is usually the best option unless larger images are requested by the school. image.png
  8. Click Next and your images and data will be exported to the location designated in the Photo CD Path