Dynamic Image Node on Layouts

Creating The Layout

  1. Create a folder within your C:\ProgramData\Flow\Graphics called Logo
  2. Put all referenced logos in this location
  3. Create a copy of one logo to be used as a dummy logo
  4. Rename the logo to [Logo].png
  5. Build a layout as you normally would by setting the size, associating the subject image, and adding text fields
  6. Add your variable logo by clicking on Add Image and then selecting the dummy file [Logo.png] from the Graphics\Logo folder

Using the Layout

  1. To use the logo appropriately there must be information entered into the Logo field in the subject information
  2. You can set the logo on the CSV when importing the data or you can edit individual subject fields with the appropriate name
  3. Logo must be entered into the field name without the file extension
  1. When the layout is ordered it will reference the Logo field name in each subject and apply the logo that corresponds if it's within the Graphics\Logo folder