What is Plic?

  • Plic is PhotoLynx Image Cloud service.

  • This service hosts subject data and images that can be uploaded from FLOW to the platform.

  • Once on Plic, the images and data can connect with other Apps like Plic Go, Plic Elements, CaptureLife or online ordering inferfaces (like Zenfolio or SimplePhoto - contact support@photolynx.com for more info)

To request a Plic account for please fill out the form below or contact customer service:

  • Plic Account Request Form

    • After customer service creates the account, you will receive a confirmation email from Plic.io to verify the information and create a password

PLIC Credits Explained

  • PlicGo: 1 credit per school (project)

  • Plic Elements : 1 login is issued and the customer is charged per render