Getting Started Part 2 - Choosing Shipping Options

If you prefer a tutorial video, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  1. Start by clicking on the Setup tab in the bottom right.

  2. Click on Fulfillment Options

  3. If your orders should ship back to the studio address we have on file, check the box labeled "Ship all orders back to the company address"

  4. Don't check that box if your orders should ship to an address other than the one we have on file. Leaving this box unchecked tells the software to prompt you for a shipping address on each order.

  5. Select the default shipping method you prefer. You will have the option to change the shipping speed for individual orders before sending it to the lab. Standard shipping will compare USPS and UPS Ground and choose the most cost effective option. For more details on our Shipping options and policies please contact Customer Service.

    1. CS: Shipping Methods2_Choosing Shipping Options_1.png