How to Ship Batch Orders Directly to Client

Below are instructions for ordering a batch order to dropship directly to your client. These steps MUST be followed in order to have a Darkroom or PhotoReflect batch order dropship to an address alternative to the one on file at the lab

Setup Shipping Method - before building orders

  1. Select the Setup tab and then Fulfillment Options

  2. Choose the shipping method from the drop down menu (i.e. Standard)

  3. Make sure the box that says, “Ship all orders back to the company address” is NOT checked

Place Orders

  1. Place an orders normally; orders will be packaged in the sequence they are entered

  2. Choose Ship to the Company Address from the drop down menu when the shipping options box pops up

  3. Click Save Changes. Repeat this for each order.

  4. On the last order, when prompted with Shipping Options, under Shipping Address choose Ship to the Address Below 

  5. Enter the address the batch should be shipped to

  6. Click Save Changes

Batch Orders and Add an Order Comment

  1. Select the Orders page and highlight the orders you would like to batch, right click and select Batch orders

  2. Verify that your company and shipping information is displayed correctly in the pop up Customer Shipping Information window

  3. Click Save Changes

  4. Expand the batch by clicking the plus sign to the left of the batch number

  5. Double-click on the last order in the batch (the one with the drop ship address) to open it in Edit and Proof mode

  6. Select Properties at the top right and then select Order Comment

  7. Type: “Drop ship to the address indicated on this order” and click OK

  8. Click Save Order

  9. Submit batch order to the lab