Export Transparent PNG Files from FLOW

  1. Import the project with Green Screen backgrounds and a default background image

  2. Notate the project ID key that is listed on the project tile in FLOW

  3. Select the Edit tab then select the Green Screen tab and drop the green screen from the subject images using the appropriate tools.

    1. If the images are shot consistently then select Save GS Settings and apply to entire project should give a consistent GS drop

After there are GS drops applied to the entire project, all of the images need to be rendered to generate a transparent PNG file

  1. Select the Export Current Project button

  2. Select the ImageMatch tab

  3. Select Save ImageMatch Data and Images Locally

  4. Select Render GreenScreen Images, Jpg Quality as Medium, the Images to use (All or Primary), and select Group Photo

  5. Click Export to render the GS background

  6. The final ImageMatch Export folder contains a CSV of the data from the export and the rendered GS images on the default background

  7. The CSV can be useful if uploading the images to another source. The .jpg in the Image Name field will need to be changed to .png so it will match the transparent PNG file type

    1. A simple Find ".jpg" and Replace with ".png" will quickly change the file names

Locate the transparent PNG files

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Flow\Projects\

  2. Find project using the key from the project tile

    1. e.g. 836885fb-a49a-43e2-bd99-94c10ed8612a

  3. Within the project folder open the Images folder then the PlCache and finally GreenScreen folders

  4. Sort by type within the GreenScreen folder to find the transparent PNG files

  5. Select the PNGs and paste them in the ImageMatch export folder that has the CSV data file

Video of Instructions: