How to Refresh Darkroom to Display Products From Your New Lab

If you've changed labs but your previous lab's products are still displayed, follow the steps below. Note that you must follow the instructions all the way to the end for them to be effective.

The only way to get it to display RPL products is:

  1. Open Darkroom

  2. Type in an incorrect pin for the login information

    1. Try to login, get prompt for incorrect pin

  3. Restart Darkroom

  4. Type in the correct pin for the login information

    1. No labs display under Labtricity Labs (neither Phototech nor Richmond)

  5. Logout and type an incorrect pin

    1. Try to login, get prompt for incorrect pin

  6. Go to products and click add lab product

    1. Prompt for login to connect to lab: Click Yes

    2. Enter correct Pin

  7. List of catalogs and their products becomes available

  8. RPL is not initially listed as the fulfiller (none listed), but products are from RPL

  9. Click cancel on adding package item prompt

  10. Then click add lab print item again and RPL is the fulfiller and RPL products show

After closing darkroom, upon reopen:

  1. Immediately click Setup -> Photographer Info -> Your Labtricity Labs

  2. Place a check next to Richmond Professional Lab to designate RPL as the lab for printing otherwise Phototech will be set as the default

If you don’t do the above two steps you will have to do steps 1-10 again