Ordering Retouching In FLOW

Retouching can be ordered through the Digital Service product in FLOW. Please contact customer service if you would like us to setup this service for you

Create The Retouching Package

  1. Create a package in your FLOW Catalog called Retouching

  2. Add the Studio Fulfilled item from the catalog to the retouching package

    1. image.png

  3. Order the Retouching package as you would any other package for a subject record

Submit Retouching Orders to the Lab

  1. Retouching must be submitted BEFORE printwork is submitted to the lab and you must wait for the retouching to be completed and downloaded before submitting printwork

  2. Filter by package Retouching

    1. image.png

    2. This will display all subjects that have the Retouching package added to their orders

  3. Toggle through all subjects in the Retouching filter and click on the cloud icon to the bottom left of the images that require retouching

    1. image.png

      1. This will select them to be uploaded for a Digital Service

  4. Click on the Cloud icon (RIS) at the top of the program

    1. A list of images will display in the center of the screen

  5. Select the retouching checkbox and enter any specific notes for the order

  6. Click on Upload Images to upload the order

  7. RetouchingInFLOW.gif

    1. A video for these steps can be found here https://youtu.be/giTOtYAJu9Q

    2. You will receive a confirmation email once the lab has received the upload

    3. Images will be available for download 3 days after the order is received according to standard turnaround times

Retrieving Completed Files

  1. Once all files are completed you will receive a shipping notification email letting you know

    1. FLOW will not update you to let you know the images are available to download

  2. Open up the Project and click on the Cloud icon at the top of the program

  3. Click on the In Progress tab

  4. Click the Download Images button and the images will download to your machine

  5. Newly downloaded images will replace the original images in your project

    1. The original images are moved to an archive folder in the background project folder in case there is an issue