Getting Started Part 6 - Add Data

Photoreflect allows you to add data to events. This can be helpful for identifying individual subjects and personalizing products.
If you prefer a tutorial video, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  1. Here's a basic data sheet. Name the columns however you choose (avoiding special characters). As long as each column has a header, there shouldn't be an issue.

  2. Be sure to include the .jpg extension at the end of your filename.

  3. There can only be one filename per row. If you have multiple poses for some of your subjects, create a row for each pose. Fill out all fields in all rows.

  4. Be sure to save your data in .CSV format and close the file when you're ready to import. 6_Add Data_1.png

  5. Now move over to the Photoreflect software and navigate to the Workshop tab at the bottom.

  6. In the upper right corner click Hide Data/Show Data until you see the Photo Data section with empty fields beneath it.

  7. Now click Import Data and browse for your CSV6_Add Data_2.png

  8. Let the data load and click OK. The data is now associated with the subjects in your event.