Appending Images to Subject Data

  1. Open your project by double-clicking on the project tile
  2. Click on the Edit tab
  3. Click on Import Data
  4. Select the CSV you wish to use (e.g. the original ImageMatch Export CSV with JPEG replaced with PNG)
    1. Data in this CSV must have similar information for each subject record you wish to append (e.g. Last Name, First Name, Ticket Code etc.)
  5. Select unique record identifier information from the "Merge Data Based On" drop-down selection
    1. e.g. First Name, Last Name, Student ID etc.
  6. Choose the appropriate Destination from the dropdown sections to overwrite and also omit any information you do not wish to Overwrite by clicking the red X
    1. Be careful, any data you import will overwrite data already on the subject record
  7. To append images to your subject records, select Image Import Settings and choose the Image field (e.g. Image)
  8. Once all information is associated click Import
  9. Images will be added as the primary to your subject records