What is Capture Life?

CaptureLife is a digital delivery experience that today’s consumers
want. With CaptureLife’s cutting edge mobile app, you now have the
ability to deliver your amazing images in a modern, intuitive, and
interactive package. It’s an entire photo experience delivered directly
to your customer’s smart phone! Best of all, it’s directly integrated
into our ROES and FLOW software for a streamlined workflow solution!

With CaptureLife, you eliminate to the need for outdated CD and USB
file delivery, instantly giving your customers a superior experience at a
lower cost. The CaptureLife app is a fully-featured mobile experience
that lets your customers build memories over time with one-click access
to our online print store built right into the app. Orders placed
through our print store earn CaptureLife credit for you, and provide
professional quality photographic products for your customers!

Please check out our CaptureLife page to signup!