Ordering and Sending Digital Downloads/CaptureLife

  • Add packages to subject records as normal

  • Digital Downloads do work with Green Screen or Transparent PNG Images

  • Packages with Digital Downloads must have Phone and/or Email data in the subject record to properly deliver

Submitting the Digital Delivery Using Plic

  1. Click on the PLIC Icon in FLOW ( image.png)

  2. Login to PLIC using your Plic Login Credentials

  3. Click select PLIC Organization

  4. Select Add New Org and click Next

  5. Under Upload Subjects and Images select Only Subjects with images or Only Subjects with Digital Orders

  6. Select an Upload Option (if you're unsure select Upload both)

  7. Click Upload Subjects and Images -

    1. A progress bar will appear and images will upload to PLIC

  8. Skip options for Publish Ecommerce/Online Gallery if delivering straight to CaptureLife

  9. Beneath Send Digital Deliveries, select an option for delivery

    1. Digital Delivery - Purchased Images Only - delivers digital download to customers that purchased the digital delivery

    2. Digital Delivery - Purchased Images and Proofs - delivers digital download to ALL customers

      1. This will deliver to all customers and those that did not purchase will be given the option to download the images using the app. For more information on this option please contact PhotoLynx

    3. Send Group Images - sends the uploaded group images associated with each subject record

  10. Once appropriate options are selected, click Send Digital Deliveries

    1. Each customer will be emailed and/or texted with a link to view the digital files