Blueprint: Adjusting Crop on Images

These steps are useful if the crop on subject images needs to be adjusted on specific images or if the auto-headsize feature struggled with some images and needs to be adjusted.
  • Cropping for subject images should be set to 8x10 as it is the most forgiving crop for most lab print products

  • Cropping for group photos is best set to 5x7 as that is the most forgiving for landscape products

  • Crop adjustment should be done before assigning images to preorders

  • Adjustments made to the crop on subject images will not extend to subject orders that already have images assigned

Automatic Crop Settings

  1. Crop settings are set across the software in the Preferences -> Smart Tag section and can be adjusted before importing images into BluePrint

    1. We recommend cropping your subject images to 8x10 aspect ratio and your group photos to 5x7

Adjusting Crop on Subject Images

  1. Navigate to the Job -> Images page

  2. Scan through images to find subjects that appear to be incorrect

  3. Select the image or multiple images by using CTRL+Click and select Edit or double-click on individual images to open the edit view

  4. In the edit view, select the aspect ratio, use your mouse to center the image, and use the scroll wheel of your mouse to adjust the crop on the image

  5. Click Apply to apply the changes

  6. Always click Sync after making image adjustments

Adjusting Crop on Group Photos

  1. Go to Job -> Subjects -> Groups tab

  2. Select a group

  3. Double-click on the image(s) within the group

  4. Adjust aspect ratio by selecting appropriate aspect and crop using the scroll wheel on the mouse and/or dragging the image to best fit in the viewable area