How to Order Single Image CDs

  • CDs must have a CD Face Graphic (Required) product and can have multiple Individual CD Image File (the digital file on the CD) products added

  • A subject can only order ONE CD per subject order submission - ordering 2 CDs will result in all CD Images produced on a single CD, but a charge for 2 CDs (i.e. cannot order a qty of 2 CDs on a single subject)

  1. Create a CD package and add at least one Individual CD Image File product to the package

  2. Add a CD Face Graphic (Required) product - this is the physical CD and must be added in order to properly produce a CD of imagesimage.png

  3. Associate a layout with the CD Face Graphic product - there is a preinstalled layout called Image CD Custom Face which is a basic layout, but can be customized and saved as a new layout

    1. The layout is what prints on top of the CD to identify the record to which it belongs