Blueprint: How to Create a Job

The information below explains how to create a job using a CSV of subject and image data. In BluePrint the New Job Setup wizard will walk you through all the steps for creating a job.

Create the New Job

  1. Open BluePrint and select the Jobs tab

  2. Select the green New button at the top right-hand corner of the screen

New Job Page Options:

  1. On the New Job Page

  2. Enter a Title for the new job (typically the name of the school, team, or job)

  3. Select a Type for the job

  4. Select Green Screen in this section before building the job if the job is to be greenscreen

    1. You cannot turn greenscreen on after the job is created

  5. Select the size of the images that will be used for printing purposes (standard or large format)

  6. Select a Price Sheet and Cart Setting

    1. You can adjust the PriceSheet and Cart Setting after the job is created

  7. Select the Import Subjects after job creation checkbox if you have a spreadsheet of subject data to import

  8. Click Continue to move on to the next section

Schedule Page Options

The schedule can be used to setup specific dates and custom dates related to the job

  1. Select the date of the event, the retake date, and the expiration date for the job (if available)

Order Fulfillment Page Options

The settings here are very important to setup if you're expecting to use bulk fulfillment on your job

  1. Enter in a Start Direct Ship Date- this is the date after which orders placed will automatically fulfill to the lab and be shipped direct to the customer

  2. Select Hold Order Fulfillment

    1. Bulk Process order fulfillment if the job is to be initially setup to ship in bulk to the studio or pickup location

    2. Hold direct ship orders - select this option if you want to hold ALL orders (bulk and direct ship) to release at once to the lab for print

    3. Hold Digital download orders - select this option if you want to hold digital download fulfillment until orders are manually released

  3. Select Continue

Bulk Packaging Options

These settings are very important to setup for bulk orders. The options selected here will apply to your orders.
This page will appear If you've selected bulk process order fulfillment in the previous step then this option will appear, if not then move onto the next step

General Settings Options

  • Enter any Reference information, Keywords, or a Job Password that a customer must enter before being allowed to order

    • The Job password is different from a gallery password, a job password is an initial layer of security for accessing the subject gallerys

  • Custom Data can be setup within the Shopping Cart tab and is useful for collecting data from a customer when they're ordering

Welcome Message Options

  • This page allows you to enter a graphic and welcome message for customers as they land on the gallery page

Yearbook Options

  • If you're allowing customers to select a yearbook pose on IQ you can set the number of poses allowed for selection and a due date for when the selections must be made.

Print Templates Options

  • Here you can add templates for My Designs you've created. These can be used in a number of different ways including printing/rendering ID cards.

  • These can be added to the job later within the job settings

Export Templates Options

  • Export templates are used for easily exporting the job's images and data in a formatted fashion either in CSV format or rendered out

  • If you're using smartworkflow you'll likely want to add the barcodes/qr codes to the job

Create the Job

  1. Click the Create button to create the job

  2. The newly created job will appear on the Jobs tab under the Title entered on the inital step

  3. Next Step, create subjects: How to Create Subjects from a CSV in BluePrint