ROES Events Review Shows Only One Pose on All Products

An update to ROES introduced linking in ROES Events. This will cause an issue with any package(s) that include a group image or have multiple poses. When you review your order, every product in the package will have the same pose instead of the referenced pose from the Events spreadsheet. The fix for this is to disable the linking feature.

To Fix This Issue:

  1. Before reviewing the order, click on Create Order

  2. Click on the Packages and Cluster Controls button (image.png)

  3. Package linking options will display above the control button

  4. Deselect the Links button below the center of the screen

  5. Deselect Packages and Cluster Controls button before moving to events

  6. Continue to Events and review the order

If Already in review, to fix this:

  1. On the First package being reviewed, click on the Links button that's displayed below the the images to deselect it

  2. Click on the forward button (image.png) to review the next package

  3. Click on the back button (image.png) to go back to the first package

  4. The images should now display according to the fields associated

  5. Continue reviewing the order

Fields Associated, Links Button ActiveFields Associated, Links Button Inactive