How to Update Organization Contact Information

Orders are shipped to the address you have entered in the Organizations tab of your software for dropship orders and the address of the studio location on file at the lab for studio orders.
FLOW confirmation emails are also sent to the email address(es) you have entered in the Organizations section of the Preferences tab for the studio. Note that FLOW confirmation emails are different than the Lab confirmation emails. The Lab Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation emails will be sent to the email we have on file for your account.

To Adjust This Information:

  1. Click the drop down for Select Organization

  2. Choose the Organization you need to edit

  3. Select the green pencil icon

  4. Edit the Contact Info at the bottom of the screen. Click the disk icon to save when done.

    1. If you would like the confirmation emails to go to more than one email address you can separate them with commas