Saving the ROES Shopping Cart

There is no need to save your ROES Cart during the ordering process unless you can't finish the order in one sitting. If it's a large order that's time consuming to enter, you can also send it to the lab with a Special Instruction asking Customer Service to ship the orders together (i.e. Highland Middle - Part 1/3. Please ship together).

WARNING: Never move the image files until you've sent the order to the Lab. Do not use images stored on a removable/network device - it may have trouble reconnecting when you're ready to send. Don't use any special characters in the name you give your order.

  1. Create your order as normal by adding items to your cart

  2. Click on the Save For Later button in the lower right corner

  3. A text area will appear asking you to type in the name of your cart

  4. Type in a memorable name for your cart

  5. Hit Enter and the text Saved! Will appear letting you know the cart was saved

  6. Click on Sent/Saved Orders on the top tool bar

  7. On the bottom portion of the screen you will see Saved Carts

  8. You can click on Load Order to load the cart and add more items to it or delete the order once you no longer need it