Creating New Layouts with Richmond Pro Lab Graphics

Download or Create Template Files

  1. Find a template collection you would like to use by browsing our templates on

  2. Once downloaded, put the template PNG files in the FLOW Graphics Folder found here: C:\ProgramData\Flow\Graphics

    1. The folder above is hidden so you'll need to paste that path directly into Windows Explorer.

      1. We suggest you create a new folder for your templates and name it appropriately (e.g. Classic Baseball)

Associate a New Graphic with Your Layout

  1. Open FLOW and click on the Layout section

  2. Click Load and select a preinstalled layout (e.g. 3pt5 Inch Button.lyt)

  3. Under Objects select the template PNG file associated with the default layout (e.g. rpl_school_pencils_3pt5_button.png)

  4. Under Image Properties Static Image should be selected and beneath it there is a navigation window, select the ellipsis (...)

    1. Flow Image Properties.png

  5. Navigate to the Graphics folder you created with the new downloaded templates and find the replacement template you want to use (e.g. C:\ProgramData\Flow\Graphics\Classic Baseball)

  6. On the layout in FLOW the updated template will appear in place of the original template

  7. Make any other necessary edits to your layout. For a more in depth tutorial about editing templates see our tutorial videos on Creating a Layout, Editing a Layout or our written tutorials Building Graphic Layers, Building Text Layers.

  8. Click Save then select Save As

  9. Name your layout to save your updated layout as a new layout (e.g. 3pt5_Button_Classic_Baseball.lyt)

    1. For organizational purposes save the new layout to a new folder in the Layouts folder for the collection. Right-click within the folder and select New -> Folder name it appropriately (e.g. Classic Baseball)