How to Set Guide Layer on Border/Template to Display on Screen but Do Not Print

When creating and editing templates in Darkroom the RPL Guide Overlay should almost never print, but it should show on screen so you can see where your image and bleed will be located on the final print product. You need to activate a setting in the template workshop that is called Display on Screen but Do Not Print.
Sometimes these guide layers are left on unintentionally and the guide layer prints on the final product. If so, this setting needs to be activated.

To check your templates:

  1. Open Darkroom and navigate to the Setup tab

  2. Select your Border group and then the border template in question

  3. Double-click on the border or select Edit to review the border

  4. In the Border Editor, right-click on the overlying PNG (or right-click the layer in the Border Item list on the right) and select Properties from the dropdown

  5. A new window will open with the properties for the selected item

  6. Make sure Display on screen but do not print IS checked

    1. Exception: Ballstar photo balls DO NOT have Display on screen but do not print checked

  7. Select OK and then select Save Changes to save your template with the updated changes