Connecting an External Editing Software like Photoshop with FLOW

The option to connect an external editing software like Photoshop is very helpful for occasional corrections and retouching. For batch corrections or to use Lightroom for editing, use this workflow instead.
  1. Click on Preferences in the upper right corner

  2. Select Edit on the left column

  3. Select Browse next to External Editor Application and find the editing software (e.g. Photoshop.exe) to associate and select Save

    1. image.png

  4. Now, with a subject selected within a project select Edit

  5. Hover over an image and select Open with External Editor and the image will open within the preferred editing software

    1. image.png

  6. Retouch or adjust the image and save

  7. Any adjustments made to the image will be reflected within FLOW - if the image within FLOW does not appear to be retouched click on the Refresh button to refresh the image

    1. image.png