Blueprint: Create Bulk Order from Individual Orders

This is useful if there are individual orders showing in the Job -> Orders tab that should be included in a bulk order job and not submitted as individual orders to the lab.
e.g. you forgot to setup the job as a bulk job before adding orders and all orders should be shipped in bulk to a single address.
  1. Navigate to the Job -> Orders tab

  2. Make sure the Fulfillment filter is selected

    1. This will show bulk and individual orders

    2. Bulk orders are indicated by the Stack image.pngicon and individual orders will be separate lines

  3. Select the checkbox next to the individual order(s) that should be included in the bulk order

  4. Click on the ellipsis (...) next to View Invoice

  5. Select Create New Bulk to create a new bulk order out of the selected orders

    1. Selected order(s) will be immediately added to a bulk order

    2. If an order needs to be removed from a bulk, click the + next to the bulk order, select the order that should be removed, click the ellipsis, and select Remove from Bulk

  6. Before releasing, make sure the Bulk Order Fulfillment is turned ON for the job

    1. i.e. make sure there's a sort selected and the appropriate shipping settings are selected

  7. Once the Job is ready to be submitted, click Release Orders to send orders to the lab for production