How to Export Transparent PNG Files from FLOW

  1. Select the Edit tab then select the Green Screen tab and drop the green screen from the subject images using the appropriate tools.

    1. If the images are shot consistently then select Save GS Settings and apply to entire project should give a consistent GS drop. For more tips on using the green screen tools, check out this tutorial video.

    2. image.png

  2. Select the Export Current Project button

  3. Select the ImageMatch tab

  4. Select Save ImageMatch Data and Images Locally

  5. Select to Apply Crop if necessary

  6. Select Export Png Image - this will not export a transparent image using the Greenscreen drop from FLOW

  7. Select Jpg Quality as Medium

  8. Select the Images to use (All or Primary),

  9. Select Group Photo

  10. Click Export to export the GS Dropped images to the local folder location

  11. The final ImageMatch Export folder contains a CSV of the data from the export and the transparent PNG files

  12. The CSV can be useful if uploading the images and data to another resource or online ordering platform.

Video of Instructions: