Understanding the Options on the Submit Orders Page

The Submit Orders Page


  • Order Types:

    • New Orders - this button is selected by default (only new orders added to subject records)

    • All Orders - select this to submit ALL orders from the project - this will send every order added to subject records throughout the lifetime of the project so use with caution

    • Previous Order - select this option and then select an order from the menu to resubmit a previously submitted order (more instructions here)

  • Web and Manual Orders:

    • Both Web & Manual - this option is selected by default and will submit orders entered manually as well as those downloaded from the online store

    • Web Orders - only submits orders downloaded from the web

    • Manual Orders - only submits orders added manually in FLOW

  • Subject Filters:

    • All Subjects - selected by default and will submit all orders

    • Subject Filter - displays orders for subjects selected within the filter

    • Current Subject - displays orders for subject currently displayed on the capture screen

  • Shipping Type - Select a shipping method and the delivery location for the orders here - orders with Ship to School selected will be dropshipped to the organization address on the project - (more information for this is here)

  • Submit Orders to Lab (Sort) - very important to select a Sort sequence for orders!

    • Orders will be printed and sent back to in the sort order to selected

      • If no sort order is selected, orders will be in Last Name sort order according to subject records

  • DO NOT adjust items in Red Boxes - they are selected as needed - if an adjustment is made it could delay or corrupt the order

Adding Special Instructions

  1. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the form

    1. This will display the Lab Order Form

  2. On the Lab Order Form, check the specialty items are templated and approved by lab checkboxes

  3. Here you can type any special instructions for the lab into this first entry box titled Special Instructions for the Lab. Do not hit enter, if you hit the Enter key your order will start sending so please be cautious - allow text to wrap normally for long instruction entries

    1. image.png