Submitting Bulk Orders to the Lab

Once all orders have been entered for a job (either through preorder or manually at the studio) and the bulk order is ready to be released to the lab for printing, follow these few steps to send the order.

Checklist Before Submitting Orders

  1. Bulk Fulfillment settings on your job are setup properly

    1. Find this on the Job -> Settings tab

    2. More information can be found here Setup Bulk Order Fulfillment in BluePrint

  2. The appropriate ship to location has been selected or added to the Job

  3. Sorting is setup on the job - this is very important

    1. Orders will be received and printed in the sort selected here and the lab cannot change the sort after the order is received

  4. Cart associated with the job has Pickup as an available shipping option

    1. More info on cart settings can be found here Shopping Cart Settings

  5. Check that images are cropped appropriately and the Primary (Best pose) image is selected

  6. Assign images to preorders

    1. More info can be found here Assigning Images to Preorders

Release the Order(s) to the Lab for Printing

  1. On the Job page, select the Orders tab (highlighted in red below)

  2. On this page, all orders will be shown

  3. Bulk orders are displayed with a plus mark next to them (ignore this if orders are not set for bulk delivery)

    1. If you don't see the plus mark, make sure you're on the Fulfillment Filter

    2. Click on the plus to reveal all the orders within the bulk order

    3. Should all the orders be in the bulk order? Are there single orders hanging out that need to be put in the bulk? You can add them:

      1. Adding Individual Orders to a Bulk Order

      2. Create a bulk order from individual orders

  4. Click on the Release All Orders button

  5. On the following page will be a summary of orders to be released, review this page for any errors

  6. If there are no errors, click on Release Orders

  7. As a final confirmation, type in RELEASE to submit the orders to the lab

  8. Once the lab receives the order and processes it, an order number will appear next to the bulk order on the orders page and the account email will receive confirmation of what was received