Force Default 8x10 Crop on Images

In FLOW, setup images to have a default center crop for easy ordering and image management. The setting for forcing a default crop applies to images as they're added to subject records and does not work retroactively on your projects. This is a way to prevent images from having White Bars on them in layouts.
i.e. after this option is turned on, new images associated to subject records will have a default crop set to the aspect ratio designated in the settings.

Force Default Crop to 8x10

  1. Select Preferences

  2. Select Capture

  3. Select Hot Folder tab

  4. Scroll down to Force Default Crop

  5. Select the 8x10 or 8x10/10x8 crop for your images

    1. We always recommend subject images be set to 8x10 and group images be cropped to 7x5 as they are the most forgiving aspect ratios.

  6. Click Save to save the changes

  7. Now when images are associated to subject records, they will be center cropped to 8x10 aspect ratio