How to Submit a FLOW Digital Services (RIS) Order

Also known as Remote Image Services (RIS)

Very Important:

Before exporting, image orientation must be refreshed in FLOW Project

  1. Open the Project

  2. Click on Preferences in the upper right corner and then Utilities

  3. Select Refresh All Image Orientations

    1. This will prevent the image from having a rotation when it is sent back to the studio

Upload Images:

Tutorial Video for Remote Image Service -

  1. Individually within the project by going through each subject record and clicking on the cloud icon in the lower left corner of the image thumbnail


  2. Filter project by set values to upload (e.g. Primary Images)

  3. Click on the RIS Cloud Icon in the upper right-hand corner of the software

  4. Select Add all images to add all primary images to the upload

  5. Place a check beside all services required

  6. Enter any notes that should be associated with the order that customer service should be aware of

    1. Pricing is set to standard depending on Evaluation Images and turnarounds are cumulative:

      1. Color Correction: $0.10 per image (1 day)

      2. Green Screen: Starts at $0.35 per image (2 day)

      3. Retouching: Starts at $3.75 per image (2 day)
        *If ordering all three the turnaround time is 5 days in-lab

      4. image.png

  7. After the order is uploaded you will receive a confirmation email indicating the date and time of receipt and when the order will be ready for download

  8. You can always check this on the Account Information page of our website

Retrieving Completed Images:

  1. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when the services are completed on your order

  2. To download, open the project in FLOW and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the software

  3. Click the In Progress tab and click the Download Images button to download the completed images

  4. The images will download directly into the project for order completion

  5. If you have any issues or questions please contact Customer Service

  6. The original images are moved to an archive folder in the background project folder in case there is an issue

    1. C:\ProgramData\Flow\Projects

      1. Your project ID can be found here in the Project tab:

        1. image.png