How to Adjust Shipping Settings

Use the instructions below to change your shipping settings, ship - to address for dropshipping, and delivering to a route retail location
  1. Select the Setup tab

  2. Click on Fulfillment Options

  3. If the orders should ship to the address we have on file at the lab:

    1. Select Ship all orders back to the company address

    2. Then select the preferred shipping speed from the dropdown menu:

      1. Pickup - select this option if you're a local Virginia customer and would like to pick your orders up at one of our retail locations. This location must be set on your RPL account so please let customer service know your default pickup location for all orders or leave an order comment for an alternate location.

        1. If you're ordering Batch orders for pickup you'll need to leave an order comment on your orders

      2. Standard - Economy service which will choose the cheapest method by comparing USPS and UPS Ground

      3. Priority - NEVER select this option, it will cause your order to error out

      4. 2nd day - Shipment will be delivered two business days after it is shipped from the lab

      5. Overnight - Shipment will be delivered the next business day after it is shipped from the lab

  4. If the order should Dropship to your customer directly (note that these orders will have your studio address as the return address with no pricing included and no indication they were shipped from the lab):

    1. Deselect ship all orders back to the company address

    2. When the order is submitted the software will prompt you for a shipping address on the orderimage.png