How to Add Mounting, Retouching, Lab Services to Printwork

In Darkroom and PhotoReflect, Lab Services (ie. mounting, retouching, spray, albums, graphic background posters) have to be manually added to a print item.

How to activate lab services

  1. Click on the Setup tab in the software

  2. Select Products & Services from the left column

  3. Select Photo Services

    1. In this new window there will be a list of services for mounting, spray, retouching, etc.

  4. On the right-hand side click add lab retouch service

  5. Select all service(s) that should be available in your software (e.g. Ballstar Black Acrylic Base or Graphic Background Poster). Any you check will be available in your service list in the future; you will not need to repeat this step.

  6. Click OK when done and your choices will now be available.

Adding services to a product when ordering

  1. First, ensure that services notes are set to display in the shopping cart

    1. Click on Setup

    2. Select Application Options

    3. Select General Settings

    4. Under the Shopping Cart section, select Show Service Notes as a branch of the shopping cart's tree.

  2. When ordering images on the Workshop or Library section there will be options for Services beneath each product that is ordered for a subject record

    1. Select the add button then select the checkbox next to the appropriate service for that product

Adding services to an order on the new orders page (i.e. online orders)

  1. Double-click the order on the orders page to open the order for proofing

  2. With the order displayed, select the item that requires the service

  3. Select Properties from the top menu then select Service Notes

  4. A popup window will display with mounting options for the selected product. If you don't see the service you want, see Section 1 for instructions on how to enable more services.

  5. Select the checkbox next to the service and select OK. Do not use the Service Notes section.

  6. Select Save Order to save the changes to the order

Adding Services to always be associated with a Product within a package

  1. Within the Setup section select Package Group

  2. Find the Group and Product to add the service
    e.g. Package 1, Product 8x10

  3. Double-click the product

  4. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate service within the Services window click OK to always associate the service with that product

    **e.g. Whenever Package 1 is ordered, the 8x10 will always receive the selected service