Border Workshop Part 2 - Adding a Graphic Layer to a Border

Now let's add some graphics to the border we created in the Border Workshop Part 1 tutorial.
If you prefer a video tutorial, skim all the way to the bottom of the page.
  1. Go back into the Setup tab, to Templates > Borders and into your border group. Double click on the border you created.

  2. Now click Add Graphic.

  3. Click Browse and browse to a sample graphic of any kind, one you can use to experiment. I created some gradients ahead of time to use. I"ll choose one here. Borders P2_Adding a Graphic Layer to a Border_1.png

  4. Now that i have my graphic, I need to resize it to fill the whole page. In my case, the easiest way to do this to use the Make Same menu option to "Make Same Size". FIRST, I'll uncheck the graphic layer I just added. Then I'll check the Photo1 box, THEN check the graphic layer again. This will tell the software that I want it to use the Photo1 layer as the reference size - I want it to make my graphic layer the same size as the 8x10 Photo1 layer. Now I'll click Make Same > Make Same Size. Borders P2_Adding a Graphic Layer to a Border_2.png

  5. Now you can use the arrows on your keyboard to move the graphic into the position you want. In my case, I needed to move the text layer on top again after moving the graphic. You can do this by clicking and dragging the text layer on the right side. Borders P2_Adding a Graphic Layer to a Border_3.gif

  6. Now remember we are still editing an existing border but we haven't saved any changes yet. Click on the Border Properties and modify the name in some way. I'm going to rename mine from *8x10 with Text" to "8x10_Text_Blue Graphic". Copy the border name you choose, and click OK. Then down at the bottom click "Save as New Border". If you click "Save Changes", you'll overwrite your original border with this one. Save as New Border will prompt you for a border name, and you can paste in the name you just copied. Now when the software exits the Border Workshop you'll see both borders. Borders P2_Adding a Graphic Layer to a Border_3.png

  7. Try experimenting with the two borders in the Workshop tab to see the difference.