Batching Orders

  1. Add products to the order for the first sitting

  2. Click on Save Order Place Order in PhotoReflect to save the order to the New Orders page

  3. Continue saving orders to the New Orders page until ordering is complete
    Here you will see all of the individual orders saved for the job

  4. Click on the Orders tab and select the New Orders subsection

  5. Select the first order in the job then hold down the Shift key and select the last order in the job to select all orders to batch together

  6. Right-click on the highlighted orders and select Batch Orders

  7. To name the batch with a recognizable name, enter information in First and Last Name fields of the billing information prompt

  8. Batch orders will be shipped to the studio address on file at the lab according to the shipping method selected in the Setup -> Fulfillment Options section

  • Click on the '+' to reveal all of the orders within the batch
    Right-click the batch and select Unbatch Order to unbatch and remove an order
  1. Orders will populate beneath a new Batch Order ID with a ' + ' to the left of the Batch ID
  • If paper envelopes are preferred please leave an order comment or contact Customer Service -
  1. Each order within the batch will be packaged individually in a plastic sleeve with a label indicating the major Batch ID and individual Order ID and will be sorted in the same sequence in which they were added to the batch

  2. Right-click on the batch and select Print Order Send Order to Lab to submit your batch