Service Items

Service Items

How to Order Service Items

Service Items require images and a completed data file for producing. Please follow the instructions below for ordering these as Service Items.

  1. Submit Images and Data through ROES or FLOW

    1. ROES: How to Order Service Items (Yearbook CDs, Composites, etc.)

      1. Blueprint: Exporting Images and Data from a Job

    2. FLOW: How to Send an ImageMatch Export for a Service Item Order

  2. Submit the Service Item Form



  • In ROES, images should be compressed and attached in the shopping cart, not dragged and dropped onto the "Service Image" product.

  • The data file should list the FULL jpg name including ".jpg" for images to be matched correctly AND list the subjects in the desired sequence with any positioning or grouping noted.

  • Service Items do not automatically include the following Add-On services, however these services can be chosen on select service items.

    • Cropping Images - $.30 per image

    • Individual Color Correction - $.10 per image

    • Green Screen Cutting - $.35-$1.50 per subject

    • Custom Template Design - Price based on design

    • Custom Template Installation - $1 per template, $10 minimum

    • Data Reformatting Fee - $15 for extensive reformatting (based on format of submitted data)