ROES Events- Preparing a Basic order Beginning to End

This article will take you through all of the steps necessary to place a basic Roes Events order. If you follow these steps your order will be packaged by subject in paper portrait envelopes with labeled sittings.

Preliminary Steps- Building Packages and Preparing Data

ROES Events streamlines the complex high volume ordering process. Creating an organized table of data with the proper fields and building packages that are easy to reference will make your event easy to manage.
  1. Build Packages

    1. If you are not familiar with building packages, you can either view the video tutorial or follow this step by step guide.

    2. When building your packages, make sure that you are in the Volume Packaged Prints catalog.

      1. You may want to create a new favorites group so that you can easily identify which set of packages will be referenced from your table of data.
        How to create a new favorites or package group:
        ii. You can edit or rename Package groups or individual favorites by selecting the gear icon image.pngnext to the image.pngtab.

  2. Preparing Your Data

    1. Review the How to Prepare Your Data File tutorial video as well as pages 4-6 in the ROES EVENTS Tutorial Manual to make sure that you are preparing your data properly.

    2. Excel Tips and Tricks- How to speed up your data entry

Import Data and images

Once you have built your packages and prepared your data, you can begin the ROES Event by Importing your data and images.
  1. Review the Importing Data and Images Tutorial and pages 9 through the beginning of page 10 in the ROES EVENTS Tutorial Manual.

    1. When you are importing your data, it is important to Check the "First Row Has Field Names" box. image.png

    2. If you see special characters appearing in front of your field names make note of this. Those special characters can and should be removed after you select your package group and images. Failing to remove the special characters could lead to missing information on your sitting labels.

  2. Select a package group

    1. You will need to select the package group that will correspond to the order you are placing.image.png

    2. If you proceed with the event and you are unsure if the correct Package group is selected you can select the image.pngicon to the right side of ROES when your events table is visible. When the gear icon is selected the window below will appear with your current settings.

Match Images and package data to Table Then Associate Fields

Matching Images and Package Data will allow you to double check that your table's data is formatted accurately. Images that do not match or red package fields may indicate a type or incorrectly formatted cells. When you associate fields you are telling the software where the images and data fields will be populating on your products in the packages you created.
  1. Review the Matching Images and Identifying Packages and Assigning fields to packages video tutorial as well as the last Section of the Build Packages category in the ROES EVENTS Tutorial Manual.

  2. To match images to the data on your table select the field that contains your image data right click and from the dropdown select match images and then select use thumbnails.

    1. Repeat this step for other fields that may have image data. (Logo fields and Group Image fields)
      Your images will appear in the table.image.png

  3. To match your packages in Roes to the appropriate packages field, select the packages field in the table and right click. From the dropdown select use as packages. If the package data is formatted correctly, the matched packages will appear green. If there are missing packages or mis-typed packages the cell with issues will appear red.

    1. image.png

    2. Select another portion of the table to deselect the package row so that your matched packages are visibly highlighted green or red. image.png

    3. Red fields indicate information that does not match your package data.

    4. The cells are editable in ROES to make corrections.

  4. To Associate fields select the "associate fields" button near the bottom right corner of ROES.image.png

    1. The associate fields window will appear. Check that you have the appropriate favorite group selected.

    2. Drag and drop the image field names that appear below the blank products into the product area.

    3. When associating fields for templated products with both text and image fields, make sure that you are placing text fields in the text nodes and image fields in the image nodes.

    4. When you have completed associating fields, select image.pngat the bottom left corner of ROES.

Review Order and Send

Reviewing the order will allow you to see the images populated within the packages you created. Within the review portion of your event, you can make cropping and rotation adjustments the images in your packages.
  1. Watch the Reviewing and Submitting Your Order video tutorial and look over pages 11 and 12 in the ROES EVENTS Tutorial Manual

  2. Select the image.pngbutton at the bottom right corner in ROES.

    1. A preferences dialog box will appear, we suggest making sure that the "Hold Crop" box is checked.

    2. When you select ok another dialog will appear asking what you would like to review. If you are ready to review the entire order select review all.

    3. You can review your packages by selecting the black arrows below. image.pngallows you to review each package individually. image.pngFunctions like a fast forward button. This Icon will skip through packages previously reviewed until ROES encounters a new package in the order.

    4. Once you are at the end of the review a dialog box will appear that will ask if you would like to add the items to order or return to reviewing. Clicking Add items to order will add the items to the cart and take you to the shopping cart section in ROES.

  3. Once in the Shopping Cart select the Packaging method option that says "I used Package Dividers or Events (Paper Portrait Envelopes)" Because you have created your order using the Roes events option and you would like to have your order packaged in Paper portrait envelopes.

    1. Within the shopping cart you can view your entries and make edits to packages with issues by selecting the image.pngicon.

  4. When you feel that all the necessary adjustments have been made select image.png

    1. Once the order is sent if you select image.pnga printable report of your order will be generated. you can print this receipt for record keeping or save it as a PDF in case you need to reference an item from the order.

Order Complete!

Congrats! You have completed a basic Roes Events order. As you become comfortable with this ordering process you may find that some of the steps can be completed in a different order to fit your workflow.

Advanced Ordering Methods

The links below will walk you through advanced Events ordering methods.

Common Issues and Solutions

Follow the instructions in the links below if you are encountering any of the following issues.