Blueprint: How to Setup Mounting Offered Through Richmond Pro Lab

This card describes the process for using the Mounted Products and how to add them to your pricesheet

This product set CANNOT be used with my design templates. If a template needs to be applied it must be installed as a Custom Templated Product

Adding Mounted Items to Pricesheet

  1. Navigate to the Mounted Print product catalog

  2. Select the appropriate product type category

  3. Add the print size to the pricesheet

  4. Beneath each product on the pricesheet there will be options selections listed

  5. Click show to reveal the options

    1. All available options are listed

  6. Select the overall option and set it to be required or optional

    1. Options default to optional unless otherwise selected on the pricesheet

    2. For the option to ALWAYS be on, select required as the type

  7. Select the pricing for the option:

    1. To set a different price for each option select Use Individual option pricing and and enter a price for each

    2. To set a fixed price for ALL available options select Set a fixed price for each option

  8. Select the eye to disable or make an option available for ordering

    1. Enabled: image.png

    2. Disabled: image.png

  9. Sync to make changes available

For Example

  1. If the 16x20 should ALWAYS be mounted on Matboard and cost $14.00 additional

    1. Select the type as required

    2. Turn off all other options

    3. Set a fixed price for each option at $14.00

      1. When the customer orders they will see the print price and then the mounting price as separate line items and matboard will be the only option to select (required)

      2. To give the customer the choice to add-on, set the type to Optional

      3. To set the product to be a single price including the mounting charge, set the product price as the overall price and set the option price to $0
        Blueprint Pricesheet:
        Customer View: