How to Create an ImageMatch Export to Save Locally

  1. Click on the Export Project button on the project tile

  2. Select the ImageMatch tab

  3. Select all the necessary options

    1. Select Save ImageMatch Data/Images Locally

    2. Select Filter options if you are filtering your images

    3. Do not filter by Primary Image as that is done automatically

    4. Select Apply Crops if you are applying crops through FLOW

    5. DO NOT Select Render GreenScreen if you are submitting transparent PNG files for the customer to select a background

    6. DO NOT Select Use Original File Names

    7. Select High (Production) from the dropdown

    8. Select Images to Use

      1. All Images - exports all subject images

      2. Primary Image - only exports images flagged as primary

      3. Yearbook Pose - exports images flagged as yearbook pose, if yb pose is not flagged then primary is exported

      4. Always send Group Photos as Group Photo unless instructed otherwise

    9. Click Export IM