How to Reorder a Package or Single Item in FLOW

These are instructions for customers that need to reorder a certain package or a single item from a subject record.
  1. If you only need to resend PART of a package, create a new package with JUST the item(s) you need to resend

    1. How to Create and Edit a Catalog (Building Packages)

  2. Next, you can either navigate straight to the subject record that needs a package/item resent OR you can use the filters to access the group of records that ordered the package in question

    1. To use the filter to gather a group of records, make sure Package Summary is listed in your subject information

    2. Hover over the item and select Add This Package to ALL Subjects with Images

    3. Select Package Summary from the Display Fields dropdown menu and restart the software

      1. image.png

    4. Click the Filter button and select the Package Summary from the Field dropdown menu

    5. in the Value field, type in the package name that contains the item you need to resend

    6. Click Apply Filter

      1. image.png

    7. Now the only records displayed are the filter's search results

  3. Click Order Entry and find the package/item that needs to be resent

  4. Hover over the item and if you used the filter to gather a group of subjects that need the package reordered, select Add This Package to ALL Subjects with Images. This will add the package selected to only the filtered subject(s). If you are only adding the package to the single record you have selected, use the green plus sign.

  5. Submit your new order as normal and leave an order instruction that it is for resend