Administrative / Yearbook Discs

Product Details

  • $45 per export

  • Digital and/or physical disc ($5 extra if both options are requested)

  • Digital files will be sent through Hightail

  • 5 business day turn-around*

    • *Selecting additional services such as greenscreen (+2 days) or retouching (+2 days) will extend the turn-around time

  • Common exports are listed on the Service Item order form (step 2 below). If you don't see the export that you need listed, you can manually type it in. If you are requesting an uncommon type, we will contact you and ask for the following specifications:

    • What School Administration software is the school using?

    • What file format does the software require for the images? (.bmp, .tiff, .jpg, etc.)

    • Color or Black & White images?

    • What size image is required, in pixels? For example (300H x 200W)

    • What resolution is required for the images? (How many pixels per inch)

    • How should the image files be named? (Student ID, First Name _Last Name, etc.)

    • Is an accompanying text file needed? If so, what format does it need to be? (comma delimited, tab delimited)

    • What information should be included on the text file?  Please list in the sequence that it is needed. (For example, a typical comma delimited file would contain the following: Image Name, Student ID #, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Teacher

    • Should the data and images be placed into a specific folder, and if so how should the folders be named?

How to Order

Yearbook / Administrative Discs require images and a completed data file for producing. Please follow the instructions below for ordering these items.

  1. Submit Images and Data through ROES or FLOW

    1. How to Order Service Items in ROES

      1. If exporting data from Blueprint: Blueprint: Exporting Images and Data from a Job

    2. FLOW: How to Send an ImageMatch Export for a Service Item Order

  2. Submit the Service Item Form



  • In ROES, images should be compressed/zipped before being attached in the shopping cart.

  • The data file should list the FULL jpg name including ".jpg" for images to be matched correctly.

  • Yearbook / Administrative Discs do not automatically include the following Add-On services, however the services noted as optional can be selected.

    • Cropping Images - $.30 per image (optional)

    • Individual Color Correction - $.10 per image (optional)

    • Green Screen Cutting - $.35-$1.50 per subject (optional)

    • Custom Template Design - Price based on design

    • Custom Template Installation - $1 per template, $10 minimum

    • Data Reformatting Fee - $15 for extensive reformatting (based on submitted data)