Explanation of Cropping on Specialty Item Layouts

All of the items in the catalog "Specialty Items-Template Required" are intended for use with layouts. The layout files and the associated graphics will have automatically downloaded to your computer, and should be available from the layout pane in FLOW. The default graphics are of our "school pencils" design, but you are free to substitute your own.

The primary purpose of the layout is to standardize the crop ratio of the image area -- for example, if you were to order a bookmark without a layout, the image would crop down the center, whereas with the layout, the image fills the sized node, and the graphic fills the rest of the area:

As you can see, it would not be a good idea to order a bookmark without using a layout.

In the case of other products, it may be possible or even desirable to order them without the layout, depending on the result you want. For example, the iPhone5:

Because the suitability will vary depending on how the images are cropped, it is always a good idea to preview the product prior to ordering any of the specialty products without a graphic layout that sizes the image.