How to Save Orders Locally

This is useful for testing out a layout or seeing what a rendered job will look like when it is sent to the lab. It's important to note that images without layouts (i.e. printwork) will not be cropped when saved locally. That's because the crop is applied to the image here at the lab using the cropdata file that is created when the orders are submitted to the lab.
  1. Add a test package to your subject record

  2. Click Submit Orders

  3. Select Current Subject (1 subject) to submit only the subject with the added package.

    1. This is useful if packages have already been ordered for other subject records in the project

    2. Select Save Orders Locally and choose the location where it should be saved.

  4. Click Save and submit the form as normal

  5. The order will render to the location specified

  6. The test package will have to be re-added to the subject record if it is supposed to be submitted again as part of the final order.