Adding More Subject Data or Replacing Subject Data on an Existing Project

This is useful when you need to import additional subject data or overwrite incorrect data on a current project. For example, if you left Student ID Number out of your original spreadsheet and you need it in your project you could use these steps to avoid creating a new project - simply to update your existing one. To learn how to import data for a job where subjects have multiple poses, click here.

We've created a document full of Excel Tips & Tricks to help speed up data entry and editing. To view it click here.

Overwriting Imported Project Data

  1. Make all necessary updates to your CSV and save it.

  2. Open your project by navigating to the Project tab and then double-clicking on the project tile

  3. Click on the Edit tab then click on Import Data

  4. Select the CSV you wish to use

    1. Data in this CSV must have First Name and Last Name information for each subject record you wish to amend or adjust information for

  5. Select unique record identifier information from the Merge data based on the following fields: and select the fields from the drop-down selection
    e.g. First Name, Last Name, Ticket Code etc.

  6. Choose the appropriate Destination from the dropdown sections to overwrite that data

    1. First Name and Last Name must be selected

    2. All imported information will overwrite what is originally on the project

  7. Omit any information that should not be imported by clicking the red X

    1. Any omitted information from the merge import will remain as it was on the original import

  8. To append images to your subject records, select Image Import Settings and choose the appropriate Image column field from the CSV file
    e.g. Pose 2

  9. Once all information is associated click Import