Student Directories (Mug Books)

Product Details

  • 8x10 photographic paper OR 8.5x11 press printed product

  • $.85/sheet- photographic, $.50/sheet press printed

  • $10 set up

  • Cover page option

  • Sorting/ page break options

  • Finishing options

  • Header option

  • 5 business day turn-around*

    • *Selecting additional services such as greenscreen (+2 days) or retouching (+2 days) will extend the turn-around time

  • Link to download example csv

  • Link to example spreadsheet

How to Order

Student Directories require images and a completed data file for producing. Please follow the instructions below for ordering these items.

  1. Submit Images and Data through ROES or FLOW

    1. ROES: How to Order Service Items (Yearbook CDs, Composites, etc.)

      1. Blueprint: Exporting Images and Data from a Job

    2. FLOW: How to Send an ImageMatch Export for a Service Item Order

  2. Submit the Service Item Form



  • In ROES, images should be compressed and attached in the shopping cart, not dragged and dropped onto the "Service Image" product.

  • The data file should list the FULL jpg name including ".jpg" for images to be matched correctly.

  • Student Directories do not automatically include the following Add-On services, however the services noted as optional can be selected.

    • Cropping Images - $.30 per image (optional)

    • Individual Color Correction - $.10 per image (optional)

    • Green Screen Cutting - $.35-$1.50 per subject (optional)

    • Custom Template Design - Price based on design (optional)

    • Custom Template Installation - $1 per template, $10 minimum

    • Data Reformatting Fee - $15 for extensive reformatting (based on submitted data)