How to Associate a Layout with Product

  1. Click on the Catalog portion of FLOW

  2. Select the studio catalog you want to adjust and click Add/Edit Packages

    1. image.png

  3. Create your Packages if you have not already done so by clicking on the Green Plus sign and then typing

    1. The package name in the Description section

    2. A key stroke in the Key Map section

    3. A price in the Price section then Save Changes by clicking on the Save icon (the disk).

  4. To add products to your packages, highlight your Package then click on the Green Plus sign on the appropriate products in the print catalog.

    1. image.png

  5. To associate your Layout to the product click on the lyt button next to the product and select the layout from the menu that appears.

    1. image.png

  6. If you click the Back button and go to the main catalog section you will see your Layout name has replaced the product name within the package you created

    1. image.png