How to Create a Layout Part 2: Building the Text Layers

  1. Click on the Insert Text button.

  2. A small text box will appear in the upper left corner. Use the corner dots to resize and drag it to the appropriate place on the layout. The grid is helpful for ensuring the text box is centered.

    1. Flow Layout Insert Text.png

  3. Under Text Properties you can adjust the text settings, color and alignment. Checking Auto Size Font will tell FLOW to resize the text if the characters exceed the space in the box so that nothing is cut off.Flow Text Field Properties.png

  4. You have the option to type in Static Text where it says New Text (i.e. South Lakes Class of 2019) or to ask the software to pull subject-specific data (i.e. Caroline Simpson) using the Insert Data Field dropdown menu to add queries. Be sure to add any spaces or punctuation you need between text field queries.

    1. Note that subject queries are case sensitive and must match the Flow data field name exactly. For example, [first name] will not query the First Name field. Only [First Name] will.

  5. Repeat as needed.

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