Custom Entry Service Items (Composites, Service Strips, Directories)

All the following are considered SERVICE ITEMS and have a minimum of a 5 business day turnaround. Additional services such as such as green screen or retouching will add to the turnaround time. Service Item orders require images and a completed data file for processing and can be submitted either through FLOW as a ImageMatch export, or through the Custom Entry catalog in ROES.
ROES: How to Order Service Items (Yearbook CDs, Composites, etc.)
FLOW: How to Send an ImageMatch Export for a Service Item Order

*A Service Item Order Form must be submitted for each job submitted to the lab.

Service Strips:

Student Directories:

  • 8x10 photographic paper OR 8.5x11 press printed product

  • $.85/sheet- photographic, $.50/sheet press printed

  • $10 set up

  • Cover page option

  • Sorting/ page break options

  • Finishing options

  • Header option

Yearbook/Admin discs:

  • $45 per export

  • Digital and/or physical disc ($5 extra if customer requests both options)

  • Digital files will be sent through Hightail

  • Common exports are listed on the service item order form. If a customer doesn't see their export listed, they can manually type it in. If we are unfamiliar with what they request, we will contact the photographer and ask that they provide the following specifications:

    • What School Administration software is the school using?

    • What file format does the software require for the images? (.bmp, .tiff, .jpg, etc.)

    • Color or Black & White images?

    • What size image is required, in pixels? For example (300H x 200W)

    • What resolution is required for the images? (How many pixels per inch)

    • How should the image files be named? (Student ID, First Name _Last Name, etc.)

    • Is an accompanying text file needed? If so, what format does it need to be? (comma delimited, tab delimited)

    • What information should be included on the text file?  Please list in the order that it is needed. (For example, a typical comma delimited file would contain the following: Image Name, Student ID #, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Teacher

    • Should the data and images be placed into a specific folder, and if so how should the folders be named?


*Please note: The above fees include up to 2 rounds of minor revisions; such as spelling errors and adjustments to the image layout.  More extensive revisions may increase the design fee.  The above fees do NOT include product cost, shipping cost, data reformatting fees, or any image manipulation such as color correction and cropping.