How to Order Service Items (Yearbook CDs, Composites, etc.)

Instructions for submitting service items (e.g. Admin Discs, Yearbook Disks, Composites, School Directory, Service Strips, etc.) for a school in ROES 

Navigate to the Appropriate Catalog in ROES

  1. Fill out the Service Item Form which let's us know the items we should be creating with the uploaded images and data

  2. Open ROES and navigate to the Custom Order Entry catalog

  3. Select the File Transfer tab

  4. Select the Custom Entry Service Item product and you will see a canvas appear in the center of ROES

  5. Drag a dummy image to this canvas and add it to the order - *This will not be printed

  6. Click Shopping Cart or View Cart

Attach Files For Upload

  1. Attach files on the right side of the cart under Documents and Graphics

  2. Select checkboxes next to the Attach Items then select the file icon to navigate to the appropriate files to upload:
    Files should include:

    1. A spreadsheet with all the necessary information and .jpg file extension

      1. Columns with subjects' First and Last names and corresponding image files

    2. Zipped Folder(s) of images

      1. Each zipped folder MUST BE LESS THAN 2GB

        1. If the zipped folder is over 2GB the order will submit but will be corrupt

  3. Indicate necessary details in the Special Instructions for Lab section

  4. Enter a Team/Event Name

  5. Click Complete and Send order to upload

  6. You will recieve a confirmation email once the order is uploaded and another confirmation email for the service item form once completed

  7. The Custom Entry Department will email any proofs that are required and contact with any questions