How to Order Service Items in ROES

Instructions for ordering Service Items (Yearbook/Administrative Disks, Composites, Virtual Groups, Student Directories, Service Strips, ID Cards) through ROES and the Service Item form. Please complete both steps of the procedure below.

Tips for File Preparation

  • Keep all images in one zipped folder unless the images need to be separated to stay under the 2MB attachment limit in ROES. Please contact us if you have repeating file numbers.

  • Do not include any of these special characters in your data or filenames: ! @ # $ % ^ & * " ? ~

  • Copy and paste the full filename with file extension into the data. Typos will cause a file mismatch error which could delay your order. For PC users, CopyFilenames is an extension for Windows File Explorer and makes it easy to copy and paste a list of filenames into your spreadsheet.

  • The subjects will be positioned or ordered in the sequence they are listed in the data spreadsheet. Please add an additional column noting the desired positioning/sequence corresponding to the image name and subject name if you would like the subjects arranged or packaged in a particular sequence.

  • If all the staff should be grouped together or removed from the final product, be sure to list them as staff in your data. If the staff should be sorted with their classroom, be sure their homeroom or teacher information matches the rest of their class.

  • If the columns that are used for sorting contain any variations (Mrs. Smith, Ms. Smith, and Sarah Smith, First Grade, 1st Grade) the classes won't properly sort together.

  • Please verify that your data contains consistent information before following the instructions below for submitting it to the lab.

Step 1: Submit The Images And Data In ROES

  1. Open ROES and navigate to the Full Service catalog

  2. Select the File Transfer tab

  3. Select the Service Item product and you will see a canvas appear in the center of ROES

  4. Drag a dummy image to this canvas and add it to the order - *This will not be printed

  5. Click Shopping Cart or View Cart and refer to the screenshot below

  6. Attach files on the right side of the cart under Documents and Graphics

  7. Select checkboxes next to the Attach Items then select the file icon to navigate to the appropriate files to upload:
    Files should include:

    1. A spreadsheet with all the necessary information and .jpg file extension

      1. Columns with subjects' First and Last names and corresponding image files

    2. Zipped Folder(s) of images

      1. Each zipped folder MUST BE LESS THAN 2GB

        1. If the zipped folder is over 2GB the order will submit but will be corrupt

  8. Indicate necessary details in the Special Instructions for Lab section

  9. Enter a Team/Event Name

  10. Click Complete and Send Order to upload

  11. You will receive a confirmation email once the ROES order is uploaded

Step 2: Fill Out The Service Item Form

  1. Fill out the Service Item Form which lets us know the items we should be creating with the uploaded images and data

  2. You will receive a confirmation email for the service item form once completed

The Full Service Department will email any proofs that are required and contact with any questions